While there’s no single recipe for success in the business world, Saverio Pugliese can tell you a few things about shifting focus when you’ve got a winner on your hands. That’s because it can take time to find the right market for an item that may have initially struggled. Take Skinny Cow’s line of low-fat ice cream products. Mr. Pugliese, a founder of the brand, helped steer the company from relative obscurity to what’s now regarded as a “leading ice cream line,” according to business news outlet Bloomberg. For those who’ve come to this website to learn more about Saverio Pugliese and his insight into the business world, we thank you for visiting.

The year was 1994. Mr. Pugliese was working as a beverage distributor when he and another business cohort sat down to develop what would eventually become the leading brand of diet ice cream sandwiches. He then found a distribution system and market for these treats, too: deli shops on Manhattan’s desirable and wealthy Upper West Side. This by-their-bootstraps approach saw Saverio Pugliese loading his van with dry ice and doing deliveries to bodega and deli locations himself. Problem was, these novelty desserts still weren’t selling. That’s when Saverio Pugliese and another co-founder sat down to examine what they had on their hands and how it could be improved. The end result was a rebranding that, according to Bloomberg, saw the duo changed the name “to Skinny Cow and reworked the label to show a cow in a bikini.” They then sought out a different market, which was a chain of grocery stores in Queens before others then approached Skinny Cow to see if they could carry the rapidly-rising product. The company would later be acquired by Nestle, spread both across the U.S. and internationally markets and earn millions of dollars just years after first being developed.

While he has since moved on from the Skinny Cow brand and a yogurt bar company he helmed, Mr. Pugliese has learned innumerable lessons in the business world that any other aspiring entrepreneurs could learn from. That being said, we encourage readers to visit this website in the future for bits of that business wisdom that allowed Saverio Pugliese to go from delivering his own product to sitting as president of a recognizable dessert brand.